Geist Institute

Welcome to the future.



Geist Institute is a non-traditional organization comprised of several efforts: providing technological resources to creatives, developing a community around embracing technology in new and beneficial ways, and researching tools to build future where humans and technology stay balanced, and build each other up. Our name, Geist, is the value at the core of these efforts: Global Enhancement of Individuals and Society through Technology. The future is bright, and we believe we can make it even brighter.

The development of advanced artificial intelligence, not even considering consciousness, has already begun transforming our society. The increasingly frictionless transfer of information has begun to turn humanity into a reactive and instantly connected mass, the likes of which we have never seen. And yet, access to the internet is still limited to a minority of humanity. Internet access by the majority will be a tipping point, and it sits on the near horizon. We've only just begun.